Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hamburger Cookies

The other weekend I actually did something. Since baking just sort of boggles my mind, I tried my hand at "assembling". So I assembled me up some hamburger cookies (vanilla wafers, mint patties, icing and sesame seeds).

My adorable little niece, Leta, helped out too! Isn't she cute? A friend of mine says she looks like Shrek. Haha... she kinda does. That probably makes me the donkey.

It was a lot of hard work, but it's over. So that's my domestic task for the year.


  1. those cookies make me smile! Well done!

  2. those look craaazy fun :) i should pry make them for mark!
    and you should blog about books! or check out that book club. i'm a huge book nerd although i don't blog about it a lot, i looooove reading :)

  3. hiya stranger! those are amazing! you did a great job, no wonder you're pooped.
    and your niece is seriously cute. i'm not seeing shrek.
    or donkey. :)

  4. those are SO yummy and she is SO adorable!!

    p.s. I blogged about YOU today on the blog -- you've been wiggled!! :)

  5. She is adorable. What a cute thing to do together!

  6. These look AMAZING! Have a great weekend...

  7. well, she is totally adorable.

    i had those hamburger cookies once when i was quite young. i found them utterly confusing. hamburgers should just not taste minty, if you ask 11 yr old me.


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