Thursday, November 18, 2010

Efreeme Giveaways

Hey-o! Want $50 to spend on Go enter some giveaways!

Art Deco Bangle
$50 giveaway here: The Lil Bee
$50 giveaway here: Yes and Yes
$50 giveaway here: So About What I Said 
$50 giveaway here: Busy Bee Lauren

Krystal over at Village also wrote a blog post about us, and her blog is better than hungry hungry hippos.

If you sell handmade or vintage goods you should look at selling on efreeme. It's more fun than playing Operation. (I'm feeling a little nostalgic with my board games today).

I just had to sort of plug efreeme a little bit today, and I also wanted to share these giveaways going around.

And... that's it. I feel a little awkward now.


  1. Don't feel awkward, crack open those games, I miss hungry, hungry hippos :)

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  2. thanks for the compliment, hungry hungry hippos is PRETTY COOL! haha. seriously miss that game. Operation though...scared the daylights out of me i was always jumping when I made it buzz. stress! It's pry why I steered away from the medical field. (P.S. i wonder if surgeons ever think about that) (P.S.S. If I were a nurse I'd probably make the buzz noise at them)(P.S.S.S. I pry wouldn't be a nurse for very long)

  3. ooh I keep hearing about it but I've yet to check it out. You've got me tempted! :)


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