Thursday, June 23, 2011


B.C. Woman Hits Moose On Way To Visit Sister Who Hit Moose

"Moose are involved in about 8% of all wildlife vehicle collisions, according to the Wildlife Collision Prevention Program’s website." 

“I knew right away it was a moose,” she said. “I slammed on the brakes with both my feet.” 

“It was like two explosions.”

via National Post
Canada is so gangster.

Have you ever hit a moose? Would you, could you hit a moose? Would you hit a moose on the loose? Would you hit a moose if he was with a goose? Would you hit a moose in a red caboose? Would you hit a moose then call a truce? Would you hit a moose with a blue spruce? How about if he was watching Footloose?

Ok, let's nobody hit a moose.


Hey guys, I know I haven't posted anything in ages, but I just had to share with you that Japanese scientists have apparently made meat out of poop.

When I see someone eating beef, I'll just HAVE to tell them that maybe it's poop. Just so they know that it's possible. This breakthrough is fascinating, isn't it.

On another note, can you believe we still use shoe laces? It's funny how they can make meat out of poop but then we still do up our shoes with string. The world is so backwards.