Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Saturday Night

I'm pretty cool, right? Like totally hip and with it and radical and all that jazz. Total cowabunga and gnarly to the max.

But not so, my friends! Not so. 

Here is the internal transcript that ran through my head this past Saturday night - at 9 PM!

If I go to the store to get ice cream, I'll have to change out of my pyjamas. If I don't change out of my pyjamas I won't have any ice cream. Clearly the win win situation is to go the store in my pyjamas right? And I should probably take somebody with me so I don't look so crazy. But the only person here is my cat so she'll have to do.

This was the completely natural progression of my thoughts. This is how my brain works now. When I used to be all GIVIN' ER all the time partying and being fun and whooping it up or whatever the young kids do, now I'm staying home to eat peanut butter and talk about housewives with my cat. It's like I'm a childless parent. At least if there was a baby around it would seem like I'm parenting. I've been watching a lot of great parenting shows, like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo so I'm pretty with it on key parenting phrases like "work it smoochie!" and "you do the do, you do the time" (for teen pregnancy.) Once I get my cat a t-shirt that says "Big Sister" on it, it's like I'm totally ready to be a parent. 

So that was my Saturday anyways. I also tried learning how to tie some knots. It was knot successful. PUN!