Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Working Animals by Mattias Adolfsson

I love illustrations. I wish I could draw even a little bit. I think I could just draw animals all day.

I love these busy guys by Mattias Adolfsson. (via Behance Network)

I wish my cat could saw things for me, maybe build a shelf or table or something. It just pooped on the floor the other day! What a jerk.

What do you think these guys are building? A ship? A museum? A dinosaur?


  1. Now they are some awesome drawings :) Thanks for sharing.

    I noticed a donate sign on his blog, do you think people actually do donate to keep him going or am I missing the point????

    Have a lovely day, T. ;)

  2. Ha, ha! Love the sawing cat's face. These are great illustrations.

  3. hahaha this cracked me up! i wish i had a cat, even if it pooped on my floor.

  4. These are too cute! My cat is worthless too, definitely not awesome enough to build things.

  5. I don't know what they are building. I also don't know why they seem to be wearing high-heeled ankle boots. Not very safe footwear for a construction project, if you ask me, even if they are steel-toed.

  6. These are too cute! I love the little guy with the power drill.


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