Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Christmas Guide - Part 2

So I'm a little greedy. I love presents. I balance it out by also loving to give presents. But then I also love to give myself presents a lot, so maybe it's not so balanced.

Skova Elephant Necklace
Elephants are so magical. Some friends once told me a story about an elephant in Thailand that was abused as a little baby by this one trainer, and later on when he was grown and saw the trainer again KILLED him! But never harmed any other people. I don't really remember the storyline to Rambo, but I think this elephant is kind of like Rambo. The trainer drew first blood and now he got his come-up-ins.

Timex Easy Reader
I'm trying to turn myself back into a "watch person". I used to live in my Rescue Rangers watch when I was like, eleven. This is a more grown up watch than a watch with two squirrels on it. I've matured.

Francine Bracelet by Barrett Alley
I have elephant sized wrists, so I wouldn't dare ever buy a bracelet without trying it on or having it advertised as an anklet, because my wrists probably are the same size as your ankle. And my ankle is probably the same size as your neck. Jewelry is all  mixed up for me.

Friends of Trees by Dan Stiles
The mountain guy reminds me of Grimace a little! He was my favourite. Hamburgler was ok, but in a weird way he reminded me of my grandpa.
Rag & Bone Fair Isle Mittens
Yes. I do need mittens that cost $195. They're my fancy pair I wear to events. Like hangovers. It's a good thing they have dummy strings because I would not want to lose these fancy mittens. I don't like to lose any sort of mittens. I don't even like to lose buttons. I'm a terrible loser.


  1. Ha! You are so funny, I'm sure your ankles aren't as big as my neck :) Found you through Krystal! I love that friends of trees print!

  2. I have a watch that looks just like that - except without the red numbers, I toootally love it!

  3. love the story about the elephant being like rambo! i think they're magical creatures too :)

  4. ooh I love the friends of trees print!

  5. oh. what great finds. i really love that watch :D

  6. That elephant necklace is absolutely gorgeous!



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