Friday, November 5, 2010


Yes! I love weekends. I always have such hopes and dreams that I'll actually do something really exciting on the weekend. Like make a knot board. But I usually spend my time watching TV and being hungover. Not this weekend! This one is different. I have NO TV and NO INTERNET still. I'm gonna do shit! Like listen to records, play at the beach with my niece, screen print some tote bags for the Got Craft show, play basketball, unpack...

Yes, I feel the motivation coursing through my veins.

I also thought that I, like many, would start sharing things I found funny, interesting, amusing or dumb on a weekly basis, so then it feels like there's a reason for me to "star" things in Google Reader. So here's what I starred in my reader this week:

Tutorials (I hope I actually do these ones!): Earring display & Cuckoo Clock!

Married people are no fun and spend less time on personal care.

Mid-Century Album Covers

I keep wanting watches!

A sombre speech in the event of a moon disaster.

How had I never heard of Niki Jones before? Vintage quilts! I need to win the lottery.

Yearly photo at a shooting gallery. (It's sad no one's crowded around her in the last one! Aw.)

Oh man, I want to eat this so bad right now. (I've got a stupid salad for lunch)

Later, boners!


  1. Fun links!! I'm laughing at the married one because I am and I hope it's not true!

  2. Hi,
    I'm following from the Etsy forum. I would love it if you would follow back.

  3. Ha Ha! I just sent my husband the married people graph. Fitting, seeing as we are celebrating our one year anniversary :)

  4. You freaking crack me up. 30 rock and its sunny quotes... too good. I hope you got crap done this weekend. I want to see pictures.

  5. yep, i'd eat that too. (twss.)

    also, i forwarded the married people link to my newly engaged pal. i figured she deserved a warning.


  6. Hope your weekend was as relaxed as planned.

    Very cute earring rack :)

    Have a lovely evening, T.:)


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