Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Story Books

I loved reading books when I was little. I want to say that I still love reading, but since I haven't read a book in probably a year or so, I'm resisting that urge. Wait, does Snoopy count? He's actually pretty clever you know. I love when he's the red baron.

Anyways, here are some of my favourite childhood story books:

I loved Corduroy. Look at that cute little bear. He lost a button! Didn't he seem so sad in a way? Sad and cuddly. What a combination! I loved that bear. I bet you money I cried during this story. I probably still would. I cry at almost anything on the Family Channel. Especially when a nerdy underdog tries out for a sports team and then against all odds saves the game in the final seconds.

But No Elephants
But I love elephants! Listen old lady, just let the elephant come in the house. You can't discriminate based on species. There's just not P.C. I would let every animal in the house I think. Duncan says the cats aren't allowed in the bathroom, but I still let them in. I'm fighting for animal rights every single day. It's a real struggle.

Halloween party and a house full of popcorn! There is no way they could've eaten all of that popcorn. But that's why it's a story and not real life. I could maybe eat a closet full of popcorn though. OH YES I CAN.

The Goat in The Rug
This story is about a girl and a goat and a dream. A dream to make a rug. So she gets the wool from the goat, the pigment from the berries around her house and she spins and weaves, and there's a loom involved and the goat is always happy. I'm gonna be so pissed off at myself if I go through my entire life without being friends with a goat and making a rug from his wool. For SURE in my top 10 things to do in life. Goat. Rug.

Walt and Pepper
Look at that sassy cat! Such a classic cat and dog story. They each stare out of their own windows, across the street from one another, and threaten to bite and claw the other to pieces. Every day. Oh man, do they hate each other. Until one day, Pepper is not at the window anymore. And Walt thinks Pepper has backed down. So he feels all tough and prances around proudly at his window, thinking "shit, ya!" The next day too. Still  no pepper. And the next and the next. Walt breaks down a little, starts getting soft. He's a little worried about Pepper. He misses Pepper. "I went too far" he thinks. But then! Pepper is back at the window! And their tails are wagging and they're smiling. Turns out they sort of love each other. And the romantic comedy was born.
Gertie & Gus
This book was based on that proverb about leading a horse to water, but not making him drink. No. That's the wrong one. It's give a man a fish and he'll eat it, or teach a man to fish and he'll eat lots of fish. That one. The only thing is that success gets to their head, and they start buying nets and boats and diamonds, and shit just ain't real for them anymore. The bear just wants to eat his fish, but his woman bear wants this fancy lifestyle like the Real Housewives have. I forget exactly what happens, but somehow they make up and just eat their fish forever and forever.

Pickle Things
Now I've never read this book, but I'm pretty sure I'd love it. It's a pickle in some sort of Victorian tower house? Yes! And he looks like a happy fella! Do you think he gets himself into a "real pickle"? What sort of adventures would a pickle have, I wonder. I'm pretty sure that tasty little guy would be having an adventure straight into my mouth! I think I need to read this book. I'm pretty sure I could squeeze it in amongst my Snoopy reading.

I'll start reading adult books again. One day.


  1. I love kid books! I think its my calling to write them because if you go in Barnes and Noble and look at some of those cracked out kid books... I know I could do that for sure. My favorite was "It looked like spilled milk" When you decide to read a grown up book, start with one about a quirky kid... "Extremely loud and incredibly close"

  2. Corduroy was one of my favorites too!

  3. please tell me writing a children's book is in your future. i'd buy it.

  4. CORDUROY!!! just looking at the cover of that book makes me three years old again.

  5. Diana was your book "Gertie and gus" bound backwards? My now 32 yo son was given this little book by his grade school teacher many yrs ago, and still has her hand written note in it. When you open the book the last of the story comes first, you have to flip the book over to read in order. i didn't know if this was a mistake by the publisher or meant to be.


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