Friday, November 19, 2010

Get This!

My mom got knocked off her bicycle by a GOOSE! That always makes me laugh! Man, I wish I was there for that.

Things I found interesting on the internet this past week:

Old space movie shots. I need to see this. Or live this.

Prettily packaged goods carried by a new grocery store in Vancouver. I would almost buy those sardines just for the tin. But then I'd feel sorry for the sardines.

I have an incredible sense of smell. Uh oh.

Pretty little deer print . La dee da!

James Blunt prevented World War III? That. Is. Bananas.

I don't totally understand this math joke, but I have a feeling it's really clever.

I guess I'll have to start doing things naked to get things done. I'm a terrible procrastinator. I'll just start enjoying my weekend on Monday, that's how bad I am. Did that joke make sense? Was that a joke? I don't know. If James Blunt saved the planet, I just don't know what to think any more.

That's it. I'm going bowling. Last time I bowled I got a turkey! (That's 3 strikes in a row, for all you non-bowlers. As if there are any non-bowlers!)

Later, boners!


  1. Oh my gosh that was funny. I'm sorry Mom, but it was.


  2. Hmmm sounds like a strong goose! I haven't been bowling in years...I was never very good. Probably never got a Turkey, that's impressive!

  3. That makes me laugh too! You've made me want to bundle up and go bowling I just might.

  4. Did she really? hahah..Have a wonderful time bowling...We haven't done that for ages. We used to have P.E. classes in blowling while in High School:).
    Wish you a lovely weekend, Diana

  5. aww have fun bowling!! one time i got like 5 strikes in a row :) totally a freak thing. I'll have to do that when i'm the states over christmas!!

  6. plz tell me you're not naked bowling...that could cause quite a scene when going in for the turkey....hehe


  7. Haha I love the note about Victor Hugo! I also really like that your weekend links are so different from a lot of those I find on other blogs.

  8. what?
    ha ha!

    I love how compassionate you are to your mother about this whole 'goose' thing.

  9. how do you find so many interesting things??

    i always forget james blunt was first a soldier. and who he is.

    so, when i do visit vancouver (soon, dammit) i will be visiting this store and saying "hello" to you.

    (that list bit sounds weird, especially considering i am evidently stalking your blog today. i was going to read more, but now i think i better lay off it...)


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