Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Folk Embroidery

I have a terrible habit of thinking I can do or make everything myself, and unless it's a pretty basic sandwich, that simply is not true. "Pfft, I can weave that rug", "Pfft, I can bake my own bread", "Pfft, I can diagnose myself".

So when I hear myself say "I can embroider like that", I'm starting to feel a bit like a crazy person. What is this fantasy land I live in? I have no magic and I can feel the cold. I don't even have any peanut butter at home. What sort of person chooses this kind of fantasy to live in? A crazy person. And that's me.

I love this embroidery, and I wish I had a grandma that did this sort of stuff. My grandma plays bingo and cries a lot.


  1. you crack me up. When i see great artwork I think the same thing. If I showed you my one attempt you would laugh. Let's just say that I saw an exact replica on a tshirt at one of those funny online tshirt stores and below the "snowflake" it said "special".

  2. I am doing something like that! It is in my blood to sew!
    Here is just one of them! I hope you like it!


Please do!

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