Monday, November 8, 2010


I don't think I'd ever want to stand underneath one of these chandeliers, but they're sort of amazing to look at! Whenever I've seen glass blowing, I always sort of want to touch the burning hot glass. I think I'd want to touch lava too. It sort of sounds like this "survival of the fittest" thing may not be such a great thing for me, hey?

I really love looking at glass pieces, but they always seem so impractical. Especially these. These seem a little murderous. I tried googling things like "death by chihuly" and "chihuly glass accident death" and things like that, but found nothing. I think I've stumbled onto a major cover up operation here. Don't be too flattered if I send you a Chihuly sculpture and a case of wine. I probably want you dead.

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  1. I visited his works in my area. Love it so much the glass and his paintings.

  2. ha! i love this post. & yeah, i bet it would be one gruesome death...probably quite pretty though, in a macabre kind of way.

  3. What a coincidence--just this morning, I watched a documentary about artists' creative processes. The filmmakers spoke with several artists, including Dale Chiluly.

    I had the fortune to see his two-story glass-covered pillar installation at the Indianapolis Childrens' Museum this past spring. It was piece after piece of gleaming, glowing glass in bright primaries. At the base, laid out in a radius, were even more glass pieces, under which was a glass floor, acting as the ceiling to a room underneath, where we could look up and identify the various shapes, lying on a slowly-rotating seat thingy.

  4. hilarious! they really do look dangerous..

  5. These are gorgeous. They remind me of the lights hanging up at The Bellagio and The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. So pretty!

  6. hahhaha! my hubbers totally wants to 'play' with lava, or molten glass. luckily he does realize the downside (i.e. death, disfigurement) of this idea.

    did you know chihuly lost an eye in a glass blowing accident?? so you're not too far off the mark here...

    ps - thanks for your kind words. :)

    oh, and my yard totally hates me too. i had to yank a flobbityjillion mushrooms this weekend. gross.

    pps - my word verification is "larding." lol.

  7. There are 3 Chihuly pieces hanging suspended over the lobby of the San Jose Museum of Art. I do not want to be standing there waiting in line to pay my admission fee when an earthquake hits.

  8. Such amazing pieces - they almost look like they're organic and growing!

    Ps: Thought the giveaway I'm currently running might tickle your fancy!

  9. Gorgeous work, and yes I'd be scared to be under one as well:-) Great art!


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