Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Le Ballon Rouge

via Uppercase
This is one of those movies that I sort of think I've seen but really I don't think I have. What is a fact, though, is that I want to see it. More importantly, I want a big round red balloon like that. That's the real lesson here.


  1. hmmm i thought i'd seen it too. but i think i'm actually thinking of this really sad french film in which a kid falls from a window.


    being a film major was not cool sometimes. Not. Cool.

  2. and I think I shall add it to my movie list :)

  3. i loved this film as a kid! although i vaguely remember it being sad.

  4. Oh I love this film!
    Nice to 'meet' you- found u via Krystals blog!

  5. It can be seen as sort of sad, but it's still a great movie. You just have to accept that it's less about the story and getting a 'happy ending', but about the here and now.

  6. I have the same feeling that I'm pretty sure I saw it but was too young to be attracted to foreign films.


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