Friday, November 26, 2010

Get This!

I knew a boy that could swallow frogs whole and regurgitate them hours later and they'd hop away. My brother and I  made that boy swallow so many frogs that summer.

So here's how I wasted my time this week. My sweet, sweet time.
National Geographic
Do you think the statue is slowly coming to life now? Maybe this means another Ghostbusters movie.

I now can waste even more of my time here. On my death bed, when I'm telling my grandchildren about all my regrets in life (never watched Dexter or the movie "UP", for example), at least I won't have to say "I never spent enough time on the internet, looking at things". What a relief.

Johnny Rotten farts Jamiriquoi frontman Jay Kay out of first class seat. Maybe I can try to fart my way INTO first class.

"Posterboys of Intolerance" - Guido and Detlef the gay German vultures.

"You losers can keep totin' moleskins."

Rat vs. Cat. Oh my.

Boobs in 3D. Oh my.

Men don't like cuddling? Shut. Up.What about this cuddly looking bear? No? Dangerous? But he looks so sleepy. Wait! Wait a minute. Wait. Can you cuddle bears while they're hibernating? Also, do bears poop while they're hibernating? I don't want to be pooped on.

Have a holly, jolly weekend! (I've been feeling festive!)


  1. I am feeling all festive too and that is one amazing photo...I am off to check out that rat vs car video:)
    Kisses and enjoy your weekend, my dear

    Ps: we got some snow last night..Love it!

  2. I love that your posts read like a hysterical train of thought. I also agree that I think bears are way too adorable to be considered dangerous creatures. They're just so furry.

  3. They are making a new Ghostbusters movie but I'm afraid it won't be any good. I still haven't seen the new Karate Kid because I like the original so much.

  4. wait...the boy could SERIOUSLY regurgitate frogs???

  5. russian rats do NOT eff around.

    hmm. four comments in one sitting? guess i can check "stalk blogs" off my to do list today...


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