Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get this!

My gynecologist committed suicide!

No, that's wrong. But that's the only line I ever think of when I say "Get this!" now. Thanks, Liz Lemon.

But get this! Some lovely lady passed along a blogging "award" to me, and seeing how I'm trying to participate in things a bit, I'll participate in this one too. As with everything else in life, there are rules. I hate rules. 5 second rule? Nope. No sex in the champagne room? Nope.

But let's see these rules:

1.  Thank and link back to the person that gave you the award. Boom. Done.
2.  Pass the award on to 15 amazing bloggers you’ve happened upon and love. Oh. ok. I see.
3.  Contact those bloggers and let them know they’ve won. Oh man, that's lots of work.
4.  State 7 things about yourself. Ok, but I need a drink first.

So 15 amazing bloggers in random order from my reader:

Bitchin' Camero - great food blog, and her photos are gorgeous. I dont' even like food blogs much and I NEVER follow recipes, but even I tried to make these repochetas. I screwed them up a little but I blame the lack of good corn tortillas in this town.

Catalog Living - I know it's really popular so it's probably nothing new to most, but I think it's funny and look forward to the posts.

Dear Libby - Kendyl and I were good friends growing up and she's an amazing artist. One time we drew all these amazing things in sidewalk chalk on the sidewalks near her home (well, she drew them and I helped colour them in) and then a mean lady made us wash them all off with a hose. It was a sad day for the arts. (Also, she made that awesome cake above)

lovemaki - her blog always looks pretty.

Checks and Spots - Always interesting! Check out these hyena men

erban - adorable dogs in red wigs? YES!

{ bug miscellany } - I had to look miscellany up just now to make sure I knew what it meant. A fun, well rounded blog that I enjoy to read!

Huzzah Vintage -  They do lots of amazing giveaways and the blog is awesome and hilarious. Proud to be sponsoring them this month (well, efreeme is, which is basically my own damn pocket).

The World in Bricks - They haven't posted anything since May, but still. Does this count? It's lego art!

Cornflake Dreams - A new blog to me that I've been enjoying very much. Very, very pretty.

Tiny Warbler - A very dear friend with a beautiful blog that she admittedly neglects. I still like it though, and it just makes it that much more exciting when I see it bold in my reader and I think "Yes!". I have passed this paper garland tutorial on to quite a few people, because it's one of the best looking paper garlands I've seen. Wouldn't you agree?

That's 11 now. Good enough? Let's just call it a day. Also, is it ok if I don't contact each of them? Who do I speak to about that?

The important thing is that I tried my best. My best just happens to be sub par. (I'm going to do those 7 things about me tomorrow, or maybe one of the other days after that. Ok?)


  1. These are great! I only did a few too. Oops!

  2. ok, #1 i am seriously in love with the fact that you started off quoting liz lemon. +1,689 awesome points to you, my dear.

    #2 why THANK you! a lovely little surprise to end a total crap work day.

    #3 everytime i come here, i fall a little more head of heels for your blog. you're funny, lady.

    that's all i got. thanks again <3


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