Friday, November 12, 2010

Get This!

I once waterboarded someone (sorta). It's not a Liz Lemon quote like last week, but it's something. I was pouring beer into Duncan's mouth while he was lying down and pretty much didn't stop until he choked on it. By accident. I was shocked at myself. Shocked and ashamed.

But anyways, here is what I've starred in my reader this week, because it made me laugh, made me scowl, or made my eyes twinkle. Maybe all three.

I will never get sick of amazing nature photos. Never.

Do you know why I love nature so much? Because porpoises rescue Dick Van Dyke.

Some more vintage travel posters.

This cat family is the cutest.

I want to try making this recipe, but think I'll end up doing something like this instead.

Crazy beauty advice:   "If you like liquor, have it straight. Mixed drinks add calories and fluid. A straight whiskey will get you where you want to be as quick as a Manhattan, and you'll be thinner when you get there."
—Polly Bergen, Polly's Principles (1974)

Right-o. But I do prefer a nice beer in a pink plastic garden flamingo. Whiskey seems to lead me to night swimming, and it's a tad cold for that. And there's no way I'm wrestling with a wet suit after a few drinks. I somehow feel like that could be dangerous, maybe with a risk of suffocation. I'd find a way to make it dangerous. I thrive on danger. I eat expired food, like, ALL the time.

Have a great weekend, full of danger and mystery and pancakes!


  1. I love your links and that turtle is so sweet! Have a great weekend. : )

  2. "the porposises were unavailable for comment."


    tfgif, i tell ya.
    (can you guess what the extra 'f' stands for? :P )

  3. I LOVE those vintage posters -- and I totally "build" my meal in the mornings just like they did! Weird. ;) I'd be quite adventurous too with expired foods -- but my younger sister has a serious habit of CHECKING all the dates -- to the point where I've had to inform her that SOME of those dates are SELL by not EAT by. :P

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. mmm, i love this picture. it's fascinating and i could look at it for a long time.

  5. cute blog! lovely pic! :)

  6. The beauty advice definitely has a point, but sometimes I'm for sure a beer girl too. No skirting around those calories!

  7. love the links, girl! and esp loving that picture - too cool!


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