Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Drawing Cats

Americans, please tell me that one of you bought this groupon deal for a hand drawn cat from I Want to Draw a Cat For You. $3! One of the highlights is: "confusing holiday gift".

I was bummed that it was only for U.S. residents. Well, first I was mad. Then I was a little sad. Then I was hungry. And then I was sad again. And then I cried. And Maggie cried. Then she laughed. She's such a little trooper.

The point is: I drew some cats. 

Hades is a confused little fellow who's scared of bugs, peanuts and audible breathing. He enjoys walking backwards really slow, constant meowing and throwing up. His favourite book is: magazines.

Marley is a downtown alley cat from Peg Gritty who doesn't take no for an answer. She enjoys stealing food, breaking shit and giving sass. Her favourite food is: McNuggets.

Speaking of cats, have you seen this cat town in Florida some guy built? There's a cat-sized Walmart with little shopping carts. Meow I've seen it all.


  1. so the town hall is quite the gathering place huh! did you ever see that video where they let cats take over an IKEA for the night? It's so random.
    You should pry list there drawings on efreeme no?

  2. hahahahahaha This is terrible because I'm sitting in class right now (yeah, yeah, yeah - I know - slacker...). Too funny!

  3. I've seen the cat city before. Kinda sad he didn't build a proper library but invested in a walmart.

  4. you are too funny - LOVE your cats! and the sayings underneath! LOL

  5. hahhahaha: "His favourite book is: magazines."



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