Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I feel a little bad if these are killed specifically to be placed in glass, but they're pretty nonetheless.

Dam & Karlslund Glas

Although, apparently jellyfish are pretty much taking over the world, so I think people should maybe stop eating little lambs and cows and things and maybe start scarfing down on some of these sea monsters.

Discover Magazine

Jellyfish creep me out. They totally belong in outer space.


  1. so pretty- i love jelly fish- we have some at our local aquarium. If I had money to burn I would put a Jelly Fish wall tank in my house. Very outer space.

  2. haha they really do belong far away. they are creepy.

  3. I love jellyfish tanks. It would be really sad if they actually killed them for decoration. I kinda like jellyfish!

  4. I agree they're so weird! But these are pretty :) Cute post!

    - the runaway


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