Monday, October 4, 2010

Fred Flintstoning Animals

Remember how Fred Flintstone would always use animals as tools and machines and stuff, like vacuums and cement mixers? And the bird or whatever would squawk "It's a living!" I loved that stuff.

Anyways, here's how I'd use some animals to get me through my day:

Can opener. Or turn him upside down to use as a fork lift. Or use as bean bag chair with handles.

Jet Ski. Or assassin.

Power cord for appliances. And you plug it into a potato. That's how science works, right?

Quacking phone a la Jersey Shore house (1st season). The technology behind this would involve a vast network of cans and string. And a Snooki to make me laugh.

Tamagatchi virtual pet, except a real one.

Bus. Or bumper cars (somehow). This one is a little tricky to execute, but I think it may involve centipedes.

"It's a Living!"


  1. Fantastic post and WOW what amazing pics!

  2. Cool post! Love the walrus description! Lol!!

  3. That Mexican axolotl is cute! So is the walrus pic. I've only encountered a Mexican axolotl one other place: as the avatar of someone who adores them.

  4. beanbag chair with handles. Classic good times.


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