Monday, October 18, 2010

My Christmas Guide - Part 1

For me and other cool cats.
Cuckoo Clock  

Some little gold animals  
Nixon Time Teller (White)
Beaver Ring
Lapis Lazuli Ring   
Royal We Necklace
Quoddy® tweed and leather grizzly boots

Chances are I'll end up buying some of these things myself before Christmas. I'm not very patient. And I'm a big fan of buying myself presents for special occasions.

What's on your wish list?


  1. Such an awesome collection of pieces! I'd be one very happy lady if I received any of these!!

  2. These are all awesome. I really like the gold animals and the lapis it too early for Christmas shopping?...nah!

  3. I love love those little gold animals and that lapis ring...gorgeous! I'm hoping for some sort of die-cutting machine...lame? Maybe, but I'm excited about it.

  4. ahhhh the Beaver ring, so cute/funny!


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