Friday, October 15, 2010

Theatrical Ruins

There's something so beautiful and haunting about abandoned buildings. I love old theatres. Best thing: no people (except maybe some phantoms).

 RKO Keith's Richmond Hill Theater, New York
Loew's Palace Theater, Bridgeport
 Fabian Theater, Paterson
Central Park Theater, Chicago
Casino Theater, New York

From Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre:

"In the early 20th century, following the development of the entertainment industry, hundreds of auditoriums were built everywhere in North America. Major entertainment firms and movie studios commissioned specialized architects to build grandiose and extravagant theaters.

From the 60's, TV, multiplexes and urban crisis made them becoming obsolete.
During the following decades, when they were not modernized or transformed into adult cinemas, they closed one after the other and many of them were simply demolished.

Those which remain forgotten, escaping from this fate, were converted to varied purposes.

Now, many are reused as churches, retail, flea markets, bingo halls, discos, supermarkets or warehouses. Some others just sit abandoned.

This work, started in 2005, is currently in progress."


  1. I love old abandoned building too! They have such history and charm :) T.

  2. Oh boy, these are sooo great! I love old, broken up buldings. Actually snuck into the abandoned Brach's candy factory in Chicago to take pictures and it was one of the scariest places I've been. Love these!!

  3. Creepy but beautiful! I watch too much Criminal Minds to venture into an abandoned building alone ;) I came across your blog from Location Central- love it!

    xo Emily

  4. Wow. These are beautiful. I hate to see them in this state. One good thing about the real estate slump is that places like these are less likley to be torn down so someone can build condos.
    Thanks for showing these!


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