Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BC Footwear

I used to have these shoes a few years ago, and I loved them. The left one was just slightly different than the right one. I was wearing them when I first met Duncan and drunkenly pointed that out to him as I blathered on about how much I liked my shoes. (That's called "being smooth", ladies)

(The shoe is called Coast to Coast and it's made by BC Footwear)
Discontinued! Can't find these anywhere.

I've been trying to find them again, but all my searches have proved fruitless! It's so hard to believe there's not one pair out there on the internet somewhere. I wore these things until they were practically torn off my feet. Damn these elusive devils!

P.S. If you see these shoes somewhere, would you mind letting me know? Thanks kindly!


  1. i shalllet you know, i haven't seen any!

  2. They're very cool! I can see why you crave them...

  3. I have been looking for a replacement pair for my brown suede ones for 3 years and cannot find them anywhere - I even wrote to the company to see if they would re-sole them, but they won't do it. I dream about these shoes...


Please do!

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