Monday, October 25, 2010

Farm Animals

I think it would be so great to grow up on a farm, around animals. I like to think I'd be like Charlotte from Charlotte's Web where she tried to save the animals instead of slaughtering them. Oh wait. Charlotte was the spider. Well, that's ok too. She tried to save Wilbur also. But I was really talking about the little girl in the story. 

Anyways, here's some pretty photos of farm animals, all from National Geographic.

Black Sheep
Poor little black sheep. I loved when we were in Scotland last year around lambing time or whatever it's called and all the little baby lambs were in the fields with all these turnips (which I though were rocks). Lambs and turnips make a very adorable combination.

Now that's adorable. And even the momma is pretty cute. Although this pig reminds of Jackass 3 when a pig eats an apple out of a very fat bum. That poor pig. It must have really liked apples. I thought pigs were supposed to be smart, but eating bum apples isn't very smart.

Stallions Fighting
This fight scene seems a little forced. No one is really into it, and I just don't see any intensity in their eyes. Stallions, you're fired. Pretty hair though.

(Intense) Shetland Cow
See this guy? You can't even see his eyes, but you know he's intense. That is one intense cow! He is very, very focused on something. Or he's sleeping.

This is like an ad for a dairy campaign or something. Happy cows with access to fresh water, a huge field for grazing and the prettiest open sky. Across the water? Abattoir.

I hope one day I'll live in a nice little place where I could have some little animal friends and maybe a goat that would stand on a cow, like in that Radiolab story. I would still never tell custom officials that I've been on a farm though. That's still an acceptable lie (even though I really want to tell them: "I was on a farm! I saw little baby lambs and touched a cow!")


  1. hahaha! ok, these photos are awesome, but it's your captions that make them truly magnifique!

  2. these are such great images. and your captions made me laugh.

  3. The black sheep is such a rebel!!! All these pictures are so dramatic! Love them!

    I also sometimes wish I grew up on a farm, but then I think of all the poop I would have had to shovel for allowance....


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