Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Would You Rather...

...Be a half human/half octopus, with the upper body and head of a human and the lower tentacles of an octopus BUT you would always be really thirsty and you were only allowed on land for 1 hour each day and you couldn't ride a bicycle


...Be a robot that scooted around on wheels and could go really fast and speak every language in the world and you'd always win at Jeopardy and you'd never be itchy BUT you could only eat food that starts with the letter "R" and your only friend is a mean snake that always makes you clean his toilet?

My Thoughts:

I like the octopus bit of the first option and I'm usually thirsty anyways, but I do love bicycles. Although I am pretty frightened of all those crazy creatures in the sea so I would live a life of constant fear. And I wasn't liking the food restrictions of the second option one bit until I realized that "Reese Peanut Butter Cups" would be in, and I think I could eat those A LOT. I also love raspberries, and they're in too so I think I could handle the "R" foods bit. And I  hate being itchy and I'm pretty bad at languages, so those are two big bonuses for robot. Hmm...

My Answer:

Octopus. I'm not too attached to my legs and I like the idea of being a sea creature.

(Check out this octopus with a human head. Um, that's NOT the kind of octopus creature I want to be. I'm way bigger and more jolly looking in my imagination)

What would you rather be?


  1. I would be the Robot no question. You could make the snake feel dumb all the time to get back at his meanness.

  2. root beer, red velvet cake, red stripes, ring dings... robot's getting a leg up!!

  3. i as all aout the robot thing, until you got to the bit about cleaning toilets. there a few things in the world i hate more than that.
    so - octopus it is. even though i'm afraid of fish.

    it will be complicated.

  4. UM, I totally disagree with you - being the robot would be SWEET. I'm lazy and hate walking = wheels. I want to be rich = wins jeopardy. etc. i'm unsure of the snake part but as long as he provided me with cleaning gloves i'd be fine. and really, snakes don't use toilets.

  5. Robot all the way...hahah...He is soo cool! hahha
    How are you? Hope you are having a great week. Kisses

  6. Robot- for sure- I don't mind if my friends are mean sometimes- and cleaning toilets- especially snake ones doesn't sound very hard- Wheeeeeeeeels- sounds fun.

  7. D

    You have truly crossed over the other side!!! I love it, keep it up!!

    One day...well, one day, any day, something will go BANG in your head, and it will be the best day ever!!

    Keep it up



Please do!