Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Penises of Bhutan

Hmm. How interesting? Apparently some lama either hit some demon on the head with his penis, or he shoved it in his mouth and suffocated him with it! Well. Ok. So people would paint penises on their houses. Oh. Yes. I see. So when do the pills and weird druggy plants full of delicious toxins kick in? Where's that part of the story? It's missing.

Wonder a Day
Oh, Bhutan! Is this why you guys are so happy? Because you see penises everywhere, and it's sort of funny? I like this idea! But maybe we can replace penises with other happy things like koala bears and mittens and peonies and Godzilla? Fun stuff!


  1. HAHa!!! I read about this in "The Geography of Bliss" in his Bhutan chapter but forgot about it until now!!

  2. Not my choice of decor, but hilarious none the less!

  3. Koala bears?

    Are you kidding me? They spend most of their time stoned from the leaves they eat (nothing wrong with that) and they are the least romantic of all Australian species....some would say rapists.

    Crocodiles are the most romantic, if truth be told...and believed?


  4. .....

    the world sure is an interesting place.

    this also reminds me of the HBO series "Rome." watch 5 minutes of one episode and you'll know why.

  5. Haha, this is funny! And awkward. Yeah, mittens and koalas, please.

  6. in response to your sweet comment, and having nothing to do with penises:
    ...one of my uncles who was here (in the urbino post) had never been to italy before the trip and he said the same exact thing - you can look at hundreds of photos but italy is such a sensual experience, you need to experience it first hand. :)

  7. oh my god, that is hilarious!!! I love it, I must send it to my mother, she would get a kick out of it!


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