Friday, March 11, 2011

Get This!

Yesterday in a torturous boot camp class I went to, I discovered that my bum could pretty much use some sort of bra for support. What was with all the jumping? Anyways, it could be called a brum.

“Really? Really? You’re really laying is on me now? Can’t this wait until the pills kick in?” - Hungover Owls  
Now for things of interest (to my pitiful mind, anyways) around the big ol' internet:

Incredible dog stories that make me want to scold my cats just a little bit, for never jumping in the line of fire or basically anything really useful or heroic. (Damn you! You intelligent, selfish animals you!)

A funny letter posing the question buttocks or crotch? My answer is buttocks.

Sushi candy! Indeed!

I need to put some pom poms on some cocktail napkins and also put some bricks on a ceiling. Gorgeous!

Tiger kills lion in a Turkish zoo. Now, I'm not saying this zoo isn't safe, but if a LION can be taken out I don't really think I stand much of a chance of survival. A LION! That little turn of events would have made Madagascar a whole other kind of movie.

Spent a little time at work honing up on my Rock Paper Scissors skills. Turns out when I've had a few drinks I'm terrible at this game (even though I'm 10 seconds behind everyone). "Poor predictable Bart. Always picks rock"... "Good ol' rock! Nothing beats that!". My brain is kind of like that.

A cute and sad little comic about Reindeer left to their own devices.

Yemen? Ya man! (Yes, that's terrible, I know). But who knew I wanted to go to Yemen? I didn't know that!

Finally, this will be the absolutely cutest thing you have ever seen and you'll instantly become obsessed with having a slow loris as a little desktop friend that holds his little umbrella and looks up at you with his massive eyeballs, and then maybe hands you a pencil or a candy and you say "thanks, slow loris!" and you just know you'll be best friends forever. BUT NO. People hunt them for their large eyeballs so they're on that terrible endangered list and maybe this would be the last slow loris to ever even hold a tiny umbrella. And that would be the worst tragedy to hit mankind. THE WORST. Yes, even worse than you, current Japanese earthquake, and you seem pretty BAD ASS. Poor Japan.

Later, boners.


  1. Hahahaha hoo hoo hee hee. Wait, what am I laughing at my butt is probably worse off than yours. lol


  2. ewwww the sushi candy, gross!!!

  3. sadly, i agree with the butt holder-upper! sometimes jumping around in zumba i feel like it's going to fall off. but maybe i could just wear spanx.

  4. I would SO proudly display a word verification prohibition button. it should be speak easy-esque.


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