Friday, March 4, 2011

Get This!

I've got nothing today! I'm going to have to start making stuff up. Uh oh.

The Best Picture On the Internet

 Anyways, here's what got a big old gold star in my Google Reader this week, and also in my mind.

An extremely cute engagement video. Gawd, I hate them so much. Couples happily in love! Oh wait. My boyfriend reads this.

Mudskipper: fish that lives mostly on land. Get the eff out. I'm pretty sure that means people could be living under the sea anytime now. Any... time...

Amazing Google Street View images. I wish I could spend all day looking through Google Street view for amazing things. Actually, that doesn't sound too fun.

Breast milk ice cream? Well, now the possibilities are endless. Fettucine alfredo? Cheese?

Alphabattle! I realized "d" is a pretty passive letter. Goddammit "d", let's kick some ass!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! I made a deal with Duncan to stop watching reality tv for a little while, so I'm gonna jam as much shitty television into my weekend as possible before this whole "lent" thing.



  1. you make me laugh literally out loud & then I laugh more because I feel so funny sitting at my computer laughing in an empty room. haha :) this pic is so funny & I love that engagement video, too cute!

  2. oh, man. that engagement video was terribly cute. but the cats are even better.

  3. ok, the breast milk ice cream almost made me gag.

  4. I adored that engagement video--it's so happy it's almost scary! and the idea of breast milk ice cream is sickeninggggg.

    hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo {av}

  5. speaking of breast milk ice cream, i saw on some blog somewhere a grilled cheese cocktail. ew and why.
    ok. the cat photo is so amazing i have no comment that could merit!

  6. i just keep looking at that cat picture thinking 'wow'. i want to look away and yet strangely i'm drawn back to it...

  7. i was little nervous clicking on the street view link, but am glad i did. they are much less gross pervy and much more awesomey than i expected.


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