Monday, March 7, 2011

Stuff No One Told Me

Have you seen this blog Stuff No One Told Me? Man, I wish I could draw. And think funny and interesting little sayings up. Like "If your cat like to throw up on the floor, don't leave your shoes lying around" or "If you lose something, check Starbucks" or "Check expiry dates often. The answer will often surprise and terrify you".

Slow is the New Fast
Porn and Disney
Work Slowly
I always do, son. I always do. Hey, remember that Seinfeld where George just asks annoyed and frustrated when anyone in the office asks him to do any work? It totally works.


  1. These are awesome! The second one is too true, sigh.

  2. Hehe these are great! I like the one about working slow, i'll have to check out this blog.

  3. gah! i love these. thanks for sharing :D


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