Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad Ass Jewelry

I feel like I'm lacking in some bad ass jewelry. I can't quite pull off the pretty, dainty, little feminine pieces because of my mammoth hands and just overall appearance (it just doesn't work), but I'm loving some of these pieces, all found on Bona Drag.

Aesa Abracadabra Pendant
Made Her Think Silver Hex Ring

All For The Mountain Mothership Ring
Iosselliani Eagle Earrings

Why do you need money to buy things? Who invented that system of trade? How about I trade you a pumpkin and a life lesson for those earrings? Deal. (The life lesson is "don't trade your goods for pumpkins, unless it's for a bigger pumpkin")


  1. do you have a pumpkin on hand right now? because there are some very cool skull earrings in a shop here that i could totally send you in exchange for a pumpkin.

  2. p.s. i agree with you, painting a hardwood floor just seems wrong. but i love that pattern so much, i could make an exception.

  3. These are great! I found this really awesome T Rex skeleton head charm this weekend. I like larger pieces a lot better for some reason. Also, some Etsy sellers are willing to trade for other items. :)

  4. those skull earrings are amazing.

    i was just saying yesterday how i wish we could revert back to a barter/trade society. i can trade all the knitted rectangles your heart could desire..

  5. those are pretty BA, I like them!!! I could, old magazines and newspapers?
    and I didn't even notice the slow efreeme! But...glad it is fixed? haha :)

  6. Ooooh that silver hex ring is AMAZING!

  7. Those Gold Skull Earrings certainly kick ass!!!


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