Thursday, March 25, 2010

It sounds so simple I just gotta go...

Oh, Mexico. (Thanks James Taylor)

I miss it. I want to go there and hang out on the beach and read piles of books and drink coconuts. I drove there with my mom when I was 19 and we just drove all over the place and had a bunch of fun. I kind of hated her during a lot of moments, because I was 19, but looking back now I thought it was one of the best experiences of my life. Life-changing, momentous, and wonderful. Glorious even.

The book/website The People's Guide to Mexico is a great resource for driving in Mexico, and it's great to even read as a book - his stories and tales are so interesting and funny. A true travel book that leads you to your own tequila-induced adventure, and not just a "guide" that tells you what hostels to stay at, where to eat, where to drink, where to shop, etc...

I mean, just look how pretty...

Somehow Duncan is not convinced about Mexico (whaaa???), but I think THESE could convince him:

(ok, the sea turtle is for me... they're just so beautiful and helpless and vulnerable)

If you're still no convinced, maybe some Mexico cycle chic is in order, from here and here

There's so many places to go! And just so much terrible television to watch... ah, life's dilemmas!


  1. Wow looks amazing! I've never been to Mexico, but I've volunteered in Panama and Costa Rica for the Sea turtle conservation project while I was backpacking there. So beautiful.. tx for sharing.

  2. I've wanted to go to Mexico to see great beaches and cool ancient stuff. Looks so beautiful!

  3. Those pictures are making want to be on a plane right this second. I've been through all of Central America and some of South but stillll never Mexico, except for Tijuana, which absolutely does not count! lol

  4. I've always wanted to go to Mexico - especially the Mayan Riviera. We've travelled so much all over the place but never Mexico...hmmm.....

  5. great photos! haven't made it to Mexico yet.. one of these days! ;)

  6. Beautiful post. Now I want to go to Mexico!

  7. I even lived in Texas for a time, and still have never been.... must try to go someday!! Lovely images. The waves pics reminds me that I dreamt last night of being in dark waters with waves 3 times that size and I was not afraid (out of character!)

    PS: having a Giveaway; just comment on my blog post to enter. :)

  8. Thanks for linking my photo (the b&w photo of the pyramid and the clouds). I've been to border towns in Mexico and then finally to Mexico City this past winter (when I took the photo). It was an amazing place. The city is so diverse, more than one would imagine) and full of life. And visiting Teotihuacan was fascinating. But the best part is the food... Such amazing food...



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