Monday, April 19, 2010

Hysteria & Demons & Cherry Blossoms

So, we just got back from Scotland... BARELY. I am convinced we are cursed when it comes to traveling together. At Christmas, flights were a nightmare because of the snow, and for this Easter wedding, flights were a nightmare because of an Icelandic volcano. What's up your sleeve next time, Gatwick? Godzilla? Plus we missed our first connecting flight going up to Inverness since it took over 1 hour to get our bags. I then proceeded to have a minor breakdown for a consistent six hours or so while Duncan sorted things out, and got us into an airport lounge for free drinks.

I had a few more other bouts of hysterical nonsense which I attribute to lack of sleep, but in the olden days would you know they would blame my UTERUS? I also had SLEEP PARALYSIS on my first night in Scotland, which in the olden days they used to blame on DEMONS. So I put the two and two together and decided I have a DEMONIC UTERUS. (I had a brief moment of panic when looking up sleep paralysis and found it to be a symptom of narcolepsy, which I confused with necrophelia, and they're not the same AT ALL).

Back in Vancouver now though and the cherry blossoms are well, blossoming, and it's beautiful and there's no volcanos and I had a nice sleep without demons sitting on me.

Scotland itself was brilliant, and I got to see my darling in a KILT and a BALMORAL, and he looked lovely. And we danced, kinda, except I wouldn't let him lead since I'm awkward like that and also I kept thinking my dress was falling down. WHY DOES HE TAKE ME TO NICE PLACES? Anyways, more to come on Scotland later...


  1. Love this post! Especially the part about the hysterical uterus!

  2. That sounds like a nightmere!!! So glad your back safe.

  3. Haha awesome. Looking forward to hearing about the trip. The Glass Castle sounds great; I'm going to the library today and if I can't find it, will totally take you up on your offer :) Thank you!

  4. LOL! You are funny! I love your self diagnosis. I wonder what your doctor would say if you told him you thought you were suffering from a demonic uterus? :)


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