Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Follow up to the Words

To follow up on the Words post awhile back, I'm going to go through and explain why each of those words remind me of Duncan.

Persnickety - well, I don't completely know what that one means, but he is finicky about a lot of things, and they sort of sound similar.

Pickle - Duncan and I like eating pickles together. Sometimes when he's not looking and we're out of pickles I will even take a little (ok, mammoth) sip of pickle juice that I keep in the fridge (I say I'm going to use it in potato salad). He's actually a little persnickety about his pickles actually, since there's only certain types he likes (ALL pickles are brilliant! He's crazy!)

Hodgepodge - ok, I guess I don't really understand where I got this one either. Somehow it makes me think of his beard a little though.

Stoop - at his old house on Maple Street near the beach, he had a front stoop and we both helped plant flowers and tomatoes on the porch, and we'd invite friends by for a "stoop party". We'd throw all our beer cans on the front lawn and clean them up in the morning. Now we live in an apartment where the douche below us complains about noise when my mom is over and we listen to Fleetwood Mac. I miss the stoop.

Raindrop - Duncan likes to get me when we're walking together by shaking a wet tree branch over my head, thereby dousing me with thousands of "raindrops". That's kind of a stretch, but the wet tree branch shaking is true.

Smidgen - why did i pick these words? Well, he's got a smidgen of ginger in his beard. That'll do.

Caliente - of course I think he is hot, but caliente has a much nicer ring to it. He also makes fun of the way I say "hot" when I wake up at night sweating and complaining if we don't have the window open.

Fallopian - oh jesus. One day I hope his sperm will get all up into my fallopian tubes and then that's how a baby's made? I should know this...

Tweed - my gorgeous Scottish man! I can't wait to see him in a kilt for his sister's wedding! I think he'll have a moustache too!

Silo - he grew up on Ballinroich farm in the Highlands, and they have silos there. Him and his sisters used to play in them when they were filled with grain.

Parisian - this also makes not much sense (I think I just liked the photo)...
...but he loves Paris and France in general and I can't wait to go there one day with him. I'd love to go live in the French countryside like David Sedaris and then "me talk pretty one day"

Luminous - he is quite brilliant, but also the moon is just so romantic. Luminous, you're done.

Gorilla - the other week I was listening to This American Life and they did a show where one of the stories was about a couple raising a chimpanzee in their home(!) and it got to the point where it would make itself gin and tonics and like, touch itself and things, it was so integrated into "being" a human. Eventually they had to send it away to a small island in Africa where it had to be taught how to live in the wild, ending with it being killed by poachers. I was thinking about that story a lot, and I guess I thought it was gorilla. There is no connection to Duncan here, except I tried to get him to listen to the story, but he fell asleep.

Gringo - so I don't know where this came from either. He says he has no desire to go to Mexico, but I'll get him there one day!

Schlep - Larry David says, and I agree, that skiing is such a "schlep". I'm making a conscious effort to use that word more as an excuse for not doing stuff. Duncan tries to get me to do stuff.

Moustache - this one is easy! he sometimes has a moustache (or a beard). It looks very handsome either way! I'm a big fan of facial hair.Here's a photo when his moustache was probably as long as it got.

Turbine - I think I was actually thinking combine, since he grew up on a farm. But actually, his parents are renovating an old water mill this year, and that uses a turbine I believe (water mills?), so turbine makes sense.

Harvest - I picture him sitting in tall grass with a strand (strand?) of wheat in his teeth, and the sun low and warm and hitting his cheeks. Playing with trucks or something as a kid, near the harvest time.

Barley - or maybe it was a strand of barley in his teeth...

Stone - he is very stubborn, and firm, and sturdy. His morals are rock solid, and I would trust him with my life. Stone seems very steady and reliable.

Vinyl - I love having records, even though I don't listen to them nearly enough. Duncan was quite excited to see all my records the first time, saying it added to my "street cred". I loved watching him listen to OK Computer on vinyl. (He yelled out once at a concert "I love you Radiohead" just as everything went silent... dork.)

So... That. Is. That! Boom goes the dynamite!

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