Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fresh to Death

My favourite March event is starting! That is my good friend Andrew's March Madness pool. I still have to finalize my picks, but I always get excited about March Madness for some reason. (Sometimes I don't even end up watching that much basketball). I hope Duncan and I have completely different picks so then maybe I can beat him at one more thing. I have a soft spot for Gonzaga and Wake Forest because I like their names. I always try to push them through farther than they should go. I'm such an irrational woman!

Also, Easter is coming up and today I was reminded of Pysanky eggs (by the lovely Betsey Hinze), which I had done a few times as a kid. You can't really screw these up, they always seem to look lovely (even when I did them as a dumb kid!). We'll be in Scotland for Easter so hopefully I can try one there! (Expect mine to look nothing like the ones below....)


  1. Scotland for Easter? How long are you going for? Sounds amazing!

  2. Yes! It will be fun! We're going for 2 weeks for my boyfriend's sister's wedding (my bf is from Scotland). They have a big pretty old farmhouse in the Highlands, and I imagine there will be daffodils all over the place!


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