Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jive Talk

I know I'm usually a good for nothin' mop that's out of the world mellow stage, but things are gonna change MAN. I'm not gonna hold back the dawn. So find yourself a groovy little stash and dig what I'm puttin' down, cats.
 I bought me a trumpet. Even though I don't be stickin', I just had to get it, man. You dig?

Ya, me neither. It only works when I push down the third key. Oh, I'll make such beautiful music!


  1. for a moment there, i was certain you'd gone and lost your damn mind.

    i think "ball all night" has a somewhat different interpretation in 2011...

    this post is the bee's knees. or the cat's pajamas. really, on a scale it falls somewhere above bee's knees, but just below cat's pajamas. that's as specific as i care to be.

  2. clearly i should not visit your blog after lushing myself to all ends.

  3. i'm just layin it in you straight, that was fun to read. er. i'd make a horrible jive talker

  4. I loved this! Feel like I should print it and start using these in social situations, without explaining why...

  5. "Dig what I'm puttin down" love that one! Haha, added it to Pinterest!


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