Thursday, June 10, 2010

Eye Spy

I like animal eyes. They seem more reflective. I just always wonder what animals are thinking. I wonder if they think the same about me. They can't ALWAYS be thinking about food, can they?

I bet this owl is thinking about rummoli, and also if it should go sit on a fence. I guess owls don't really sit anywhere, and he's probably wondering about that too and wishing he could sit. Sitting is awesome, but lying down is even better. And the poor owl can't do either. Tough life, owl!

This frog is mad! He just saw his girlfriend canoodling with another frog on a lily pad! He is so pissed right now.

So this is a butterfly, and its eyeball looks like a blood-filled tick I used to pick off the dogs at the cabin. For such a pretty insect you think their eyes would be a little nicer. Butterflies only think about the wind and avoiding raindrops.

This freaks me out, this eyeball of a snake. Then I imagine its forked tongue too and an ominous rattling noise! And you know what's even worse than a snake? A snake that can swim in the water! If I saw a snake in water somewhere I think I'd poop in my pants.

Poor old goat! What the hell sort of pupil is that? I actually really love goats, but they sure freak me out up close. They only think about eating cans and being friends with ponies.
This was a goat next to an old red barn that we saw on the way to Nelson. You can't see his eyes but they were totally crazy eyes. It was friends with a pony and the pony and the goat cuddled up together and the pony was covered in snow! That was a good trip.

And the classic husky eyes. They're just pretty, and sad. Huskies used to be wolves but they can no longer howl at the moon, so they got kicked out of the pack. That's why they're sad. They want to be wolves again.
 (Oh...I forgot where these images are from)


  1. ooo great post! so original; i loved looking at the pics!

  2. Such a funny post. Loving the color of the frogs sticky feet!


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