Thursday, June 17, 2010

Donald's Downstairs?


That's from Brandi's song "sittin' up in my room". It's the opening little bit that sets the tone for the video, about Donald being downstairs at the party, and Brandi sittin' up in her room (I'm actually terrible at listening to lyrics, so I don't know what it's about at all. Why is she sittin' up in her room when Donald's downstairs?). But It takes me back to my teenage days, when I was a teenager, you dig?

So here's a terrifying moment from my past. Perhaps I can start a weekly post called "Terrifying Thursdays" to give my life structure, and meaning. Leave a legacy behind. There needs to be some sort of record of my legacies, and my triumphs! What about my triumphs?! Oh man, I've got so many triumphs...

But my terrifying moment. It was in high school of course. I think the terrifying part started on the bus, on my way to school, when I smelled something STINKY. But I was on the bus, so that made sense. I get to basketball practice and run around like a retard mentally retarded person and the other girls tell me I'm the ONE THAT STINKS. What did I stink like? Oh, like fish. I was a teenage girl that smelled like fish.

God damn it.

My mother had made some terrible rancid fish stew that day, and it seeped into EVERY FACET OF MY TEENAGE LIFE. I'm sure I walked around with stink lines for weeks. It honestly lasted weeks. I went to school smelling like fish for weeks. Guess what FEBREEZE? You don't remove ODOURS like the odour I had. Nothing did. It was unbelievable. I think it was nuclear. I'm pretty sure we didn't use electricity any more. Everything ran on fish smell.

So that's what I think of now when I smell stinky fish. My ol' high school days when I walked around school smelling like some sort of diseased vagina. I TOLD YOU IT WAS TERRIFYING.

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