Thursday, May 20, 2010

Productivity? BAH!

Lately I feel as though I'm really lacking time in my life. Although, this really isn't true, as I've still managed to keep up to date with some really terrible television. I don't get how people are so goddamn high functioning all the time! They have jobs, children, shops, social lives... they go to gyms, cocktail parties, and picnics... they collect butterflies, compliments, and university degrees. I do none of those things and I still have no time for anything.

Oh wait a minute! I spend time on YOU, you blasted internet! I look at so many of your pages everyday, and I look at GREAT things, like this (awesome 80's bike ad) and this (Die Antwoord Enter the Ninja). I think about doing this (making a lamp out of a sea urchin shell), but then of course I don't, due to my sloth. Sometimes, well most of the time, I really think I'd be the sort of person to thrive in prison. I wouldn't snack or drink as much, and I'd exercise and read more. Maybe I could even be a part of this nifty gang and take up needlepoint. There's probably so much to do in prison, isn't there? If Martha ends up in prison again, I think it would be worth it to try to get in, learn some crafts and insider trading.

I like being inspired by you, internet, and one day maybe I'll feel inspired enough to, you know, do something. For now, I'll continue watching the ridiculous cast of the Hills on the idiot box. I bet if I could paint, I would paint something like this: (no, I wouldn't probably)

Funny enough, I am actually off right now for beach volleyball, beers, and burrito night. Prett-ty, prett-ty, prett-ty good trio (thanks Larry David for making that word fun to say!)

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  1. lol awesome post!!! And OMG about that Die Antwoord song/video. So it started as this ridiculously hilarious thing at Mer's party and now I'm literally obsessed with them. Even downloaded a five song set including (Enter the Ninja, Wat Pomp, Rich Bitch, Doos Drunk and Very Fancy)...seriously like nonstop repeat :P


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