Friday, May 14, 2010

My Friday Funny

This makes me laugh every time. It is so predictable, so consistent, so perfectly Winnipeg (where I grew up). I went to elementary school with this girl that comments EVERY Friday about having a beer. Every. single. Friday. It's hilarious. Here's a little sampling of the last few.:

"having a cold beer just got off work now outside with my kiddies"
"im drunk went to meet mommy at the spike had some drinks and palyed vlts after work i love fridays"
"going to bed and im drunk and have to be up early for work"
"is sitting around getting drunk lol no work this weekend"
"Another nice day out sitting in my back yard all ready sun burnt i love it just need some beers to go with that"

Pretty great, right? It just sort of cements it in my mind that it's Friday, whenever I read her comments about beers. Winnipeg is a little strange... so I'll leave with some images from Guy Maddin's wonderfully confusing and awkward film My Winnipeg. Sure, I didn't really understand at ANY point what the hell was going on, and yes I may have almost fallen asleep at one point, but it was still really pretty to look at the eerie imagery.

Old lady, I may be climbing outside your window, but YOU still confuse ME
Heh? Boy, whatcha doing on the building? Are we upside down? Don't I have lovely old granny hair?

We've come to fix the toilet. Wait, we have hockey sticks, what?

Yes, come towards me. I'm not a dead person even though everything is glowing and blurry. See, we have a television... normal, right?

Just going out for a little stroll amongst the frozen horse heads...
Strange, strange movie made by a strange, strange man.

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