Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Run With Scissors Aardvark! (Drawings by Jason Sweeney from "i am your canadian boyfriend")

How great are these? (from Jason Sweeney at i am your canadian boyfriend)

Also, you really should keep the pointy ends in your hands, and not the handles (confusing, right?). But this way you don't stab a classmate.

Did you know wombats like to live alone? I could never be a wombat - I'd be too bored and no one would do my laundry for me.

 I wish! Then I wouldn't be so frightened of seeing you in the woods. We could just chill out and play mario kart together and steal honey from the bees.

Me too! Although a lot of it is really very complicated and takes a lot of pretending because a lot of things science talks about you don't actually see with your eyes, like atoms and protons and junk. That's why I'm thinking of buying this microscope

How perfectly strange. I don't think I believe this one. I think they dream of a time where they won't always be described as "hungry, hungry". 
Word up! I swear I drink so much sometimes just because I'm thirsty! That is pretty much the only reason I drink a million beers - thirst. 

Hahahaha - muskoxen being online pirates! I don't think I know how to either (properly) as I still haven't gotten rid of the virus on my last laptop. I just bought a cheap new laptop instead and ignored the problem. And guess what! Problem solved!

I don't know my birds AT ALL, except in grade two when I memorized and could identify 50 different kinds just to receive some prize. I don't even remember what the prize was, and I probably don't remember any of the birds. I just call little birds chickadees and medium birds chickens and the big ones emus. No one knows the difference. And whatever, weren't they all dinosaurs before anyways? Or was it the birds that turned into dinosaurs? One of those things came from the other one anyways.

Oh look, an emu.
WORD. UP. PANDA BEAR! I am so with you. I have the dark circles around my eyes too, but they don't look as cute. And what is up with people always saying "you look tired". What jerks!

Another example of the bird-dinosaur mystery! Notice how this large bird/thing also looks a little like a chicken.

TRUE. Except there can be animal robots, or robot animals. I forget how that goes. It's probably scary though, and from Japan. It could also just be a virtual pet Tamagatchi thing. I'm no scientist!

Well, they have been getting clubbed to death for years now. That's got to take it's toll, emotionally. And well, physically too of course. To that I say: Give Peace a Chance

 I saw two tortoises doing it at the zoo once. We took photos.

WHA? I cannot even FATHOM the concept of hating cilantro. It is almost disgustingly delicious and fresh, and lime and cilantro make the cheapest salsa taste like heaven. Add one million coronas and you have a healthy delicious meal.

It's probably because of their moustache. Moustaches are so IN right now, except they can also be chastised a little for being too trendy and ironic (I never really understood how moustaches were ironic). I like walruses because they seem like they were a huge evolutionary mistake, with their moustache and tusks and pinniped fin/tail that looks like it's really some sort of deformation, but they just work it. I have a soft spot for hopeless large mammals because I see so much of myself in them. 

In conclusion, what excellent drawings and creative captions! I'm jealous of people that can draw because anything I ever do looks lopsided and loopy, and I don't know if I believe a drawing class could teach me how to draw properly. Drawing is so hard. I don't like challenges.


  1. i love your illustrations! beautiful blog. gonna follow you now! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I came to see yours and I love it!

    These drawings are great, thanks for sharing them. I think my favorite is the tortoise one.

  3. These illustrations are pretty fabulous, but I think I love your comments even more! Thanks for an early morning laugh.
    by the way, I want to hear about the NYC "speakeasy" if you go.

  4. These are so funny! I love them. Your blog is just wonderful and I can't wait to see what you post next.

  5. Ha! I love it. New favorite artist ever. :)

  6. the combo of drawing and little blurb under it is perfect. I love them

  7. wow, I love these! They would be so cute on a wall all framed together

  8. Hey D

    I clicked on a comment you left on my blog, and then i see a link to your new blog, and guess where i am.

    Time is related to the past and future. Life is related to the now. Wise worde from Osho, he is the best, sort of anyways!!!

    Good to see you finally started producing!!!

    Keep it up!!!



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