Monday, December 12, 2011

Dinosaur and Helicopter

No, this is not my Christmas wish list. This is real life. Sort of. I think. But I'm pretty sure the dinosaur is not real though, and I deduced this from the metal looking spikes sticking out of his feet. Detective work is sort of a gift of mine. So if you need me to come snoop around and find diamonds and rescue dames and stuff, I can do it.

via Retronaut


  1. how do you know dinosaurs didn't have those spikey things in their feet? we've never seen one afterall.

  2. The photo is so cool, love it <3

  3. May I just say - your humor is delightful. Lets agree to keep this up. You keep dishing out the effortless comedy and I'll keep up the coy giggles.


  4. this makes me wonder what would be on your christmas wish list...

    also i seem to have lost my motivation to do anything at work today. have you seen it?


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