Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Natural History Museum

Or the Museum of Natural History. Whichever one. The one in New York. We went there before Christmas!

I had never been there OR seen Night at the Museum, so I was extremely excited. And did you know you actually can spend a night there? Or maybe it's just for children, but you really can have a big sleepover in the museum. I would sleep in the belly of the whale. It would be cozy. And crazy!

I loved the animal exhibit setups they had. I hate the idea of taxidermy in a way, but I just ignored my own opinion for the moment and enjoyed those little dead animals in their make believe scenes, which I must say, were lacking inspiration. Lots of fields and grass and grazing going on, but was there even ONE animal flinging poop? Nope. Not one. That doesn't sound like nature to me.

Apart from that, it was really, really, really, really.... good.

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