Friday, February 18, 2011

Get This!

I discovered a new form of torture last night. It's called "cycling into hail" and it turns out I'm pretty good at it. To make it extra tortuous, you just don't wear socks or a jacket and you make sure your feet are really wet. Also, go downhill really fast. It's so tortuous. I'm an evil genius.

Matte Stephens

Now, I didn't read as much of the internet as I'd like, or as I usually do, but I read my fair share this week. Here are some highlights:

Sheep Are Awesome (from Kelli/Bug Miscellany). I dare you to watch that and not want to be an extreme shepherder. I DARE you. I tried and failed. I now have a life goal.

I like this idea of washing myself with a rock. OR you could have a shower sort of inside a rocky cave and then just rub your back on it, like a bear does against trees and things. I like this hibernating thing bears do too.

I hate to think what my four icons would be, but I think they'd be somewhere along the lines of beer, tv, cat and toast. Wait. That doesn't sound so bad.

That is BAD. ASS. Having a record player in your car. Man, remember as a kid not wearing your seatbelt and crawling all over the car and everything? That couldn't fly nowadays. We're being robbed of our freedom!

And speaking of ass, it's now available in liquid form. FINALLY.

Isn't marzipan gross enough as it is?

I would love to drink this and eat this. Can someone help me does this stuff? Melissa, I'm looking at you. You can bring your whisky in a tupperware container again if you'd like.

Have I talked about Axe Cop before? I'm getting a little Axe-Cop crazy.

Later, boners!


  1. ok, there is a dishsoap in bosnia called 'ass' but it's said differently...and we had SO MUCH fun with that. "i'm washing the dishes with ass'. wash your hands, here's some ass'. oh man, it was endless. we even got a bottle of it for our wedding!!

  2. ha, esssh.. riding in hail... I'm glad you're so skilled at it!
    Cool illustration as well! xxxxxxx

  3. Have never thought of washing myself with a rock before! Great links...


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