Thursday, March 8, 2012

Beer, It's Lovely!

Ah, the olden times.

via Retronaut

Sometimes I sort of feel like I shoulda been one of these guys - an old man painter talking about hookers and boats and beer and wearing hats. Well, I guess I could still be an old hooker that works on boats and wears hats. And by hats I mean people would sit on my face.

I stopped hoping and dreaming a long time ago.


  1. old timey advertisments (or adverts as they were called) are the best.

    they never lied:

    beer IS lovely, paint DOES make you thirsty, and life IS grand when yer onna boat.

  2. also, that one post you thought was doctor who related was, in fact, not. it was a direct "Firefly" reference, which falls somewhere on the nerddom scale higher than doctor who, but significantly lower than star trek.

    "the more you know." (cue rainbow)

  3. we all should have dreams, and it doesn't matter what they are, don't worry..


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