Friday, January 28, 2011

Get This!

I think I was just saved from my hangover by a doughnut. It was the most delicious rescue ever.

 I'm slowly catching up on reading basically the entire internet, and a few things caught my eye:

Goat is the new monkey. I'm down. They're hilarious.

In a perfect world, I'd have these plates. All of them.

I also want this Edison alarm clock, but I don't know how the snooze feature would work. I'm a big fan of snoozing. I snoozed for 1.5 hours today and it's not even noon! I'm productive!

Let them chew coca!

"A study has found that studies need to find more previous studies to cite in current studies." -  The Awl

The next time someone asks you to participate in some meatball sandwich horseplay, just say no. Or it will ruin your family and two people will die.

Fried poo sticks? You had me at fried. Lost me at poo a little bit, but then got me back with sticks.

Later boners! I'm going hot springing this weekend! (I think it's Duncan's gentle way of telling me I need to bathe).


  1. yay for donuts coming to the rescue.
    & that toilet :D
    love this post.

  2. have you seen fainting goats?? wish i would have read about the donut this morning!!


Please do!

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