Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Prairies


I have a love/hate thing with the prairies. I love the simple understated idea of them, but having grown up there with nothing around for pretty much a day's drive, I hate those boring fields of canola or whatever it is.

Yet I love the idea of me sitting in a golden field of hay with my horse and goat and pony and little sheep that I never had. We'd be a tough ass crew! There'd be so much poo everywhere! We'd chew on cud all day and just run around and frolic and then go sleep in the old barn. A DOLLHOUSE barn.

(but I originally saw it on Got Craft)

Yep. That's where me and my farm animal gang would live. I guess it's pretty much a regular house with plexi glass on one side, but it still looks all pretty and painted and lit up.

I remember having doll house furniture but not having an actual doll house. What kind of sick joke is that, mom? What kind of kid can just play with tables and chairs and a dresser?

And now, living in Vancouver, I probably won't ever have a real house either, thanks to these ridiculous million dollar housing prices and my very own extreme lack of motivation and planning for my future. Maybe my first step to a real house is to get the doll house I never had. Oh man, I don't want to be that weirdo adult that goes all nuts on their dollhouse and they don't even have any kids. Ok, so first I'll get a kid.

(This is feeling very "If you give a mouse a cookie..." except backwards, and with no mice or cookies)


  1. This is a spectacular post! That first picture of the prairie drew me in but the rest of what you wrote really held me. That barn/doll-house is fantastically fantastic! And I absolutely love your vision of you and your farmland menagerie chilin' and running around together in the middle of a field; LOVE IT! ^_^

  2. Wowzers! I want to live in that house. This is a great post! My mom built me a doll house when I was a kid and made the dolls and lots of the furniture and all of the food. I remember at points wishing I could buy all new stuff for it. Gosh, how naive I was to it's brilliance!

  3. You always write such fun stuff; stream of consciousness, I love reading :)

    That house is so fun for the daytime but I'd be going around making curtains :)

    I had doll furniture and no house too!

    Have a great Thursday, T. :)

  4. Oh how fun. I've always wanted to live in a barn style house myself. Fab post!

  5. Yeah, prairies are nice to look at, all those rolling amber fields of grain, but in ways it's quite impractical unless you PREFER to spend your life largely alone, which of course some people do.

    The dollhouse story reminds me of me and my sister. We had vintage Barbie dolls and a few dollhouse props (mostly food), but made most everything else. Our dolls lived in a wagon made of a paper jewelry box lid for a while, then moved into a cardboard box house, made over with wood-patterned contact paper and a dresser made of matchboxes covered with more of the same contact paper. We fashioned their clothes out of old scraps of fabric (mostly hosiery, as our dolls were poor) and made a mattress of old foam. They even, I believe, had a counter made from cardboard.


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