Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Efreeme Gems

Another roundup of some lovely items from efreeme (a new, free, handmade & vintage marketplace). It's so easy to go to the Stores tab and browse stores by looking at the thumbnails of their recent items. The results are random, so I can just look at the first page of 25 stores and find loads that I love!

So here are a few:

Less than $10 for these sweet little beauties. Including shipping to Canada or the U.S. So simple and pretty and would look great with lovely dark hair. Check out more of their pieces in their store at http://benoliver.efreeme.com/

$55 will snag you this sweet pair of leggings (including shipping in Canada). Blim is a great community arts facility located in Vancouver, BC that hosts workshops on DIY screenprinting, knitting, etc. If I could look like that in those tights, these would be mine. Check out their other unique finds/creations at http://blim.efreeme.com/

$30 for this little darling (includes postage!). Look at those pretty eyelashes! I'm a pretty big sucker for these sort of monster animal things. I just find them adorable! Check out MonsterBunch1's other delightful creations at http://monsterbunch1.efreeme.com

$15 gets you this pretty gem (including postage within the U.S.). I love big chunky stones and could see myself wearing this daily. You can find other fabulous jewelry finds by Arlene Marie here: http://arlenemariejewelry.efreeme.com/

Remember that when you buy from someone on efreeme they don't have to pay any sales commissions, so more of the money will go towards the seller. Also, the more people that use efreeme to shop and sell, the better chance I have of perhaps one day quitting my job to work on efreeme full time. Isn't that something we all want, hmm? 

So if you want to make dreams come true, please spread the word about efreeme. You can grab a button for your blog on the Happenings page, or follow us on twitter or facebook, and of course support these wonderful sellers who are obviously very smart people since they know a good thing when they see it! (And if you do a blog post about efreeme, please let me know so I can add the link to the Happenings page!)

What are your favourite items on efreeme.com?


  1. thanks so much for adding my squizzles to your collection of awesomeness!
    i love your other selection of picks.. especially the leggings they freaking rock!
    thanks again for your support it so appreciated!


  2. Oh those little earrings are soooo cute! ;)

  3. i love the earrings! :D adorable features.

  4. Love the earrings and the leggings ♥

  5. Fun items! I'm off to check out efreeMe.com right now. :D

  6. omg, I'm obsessed w/ those leggings, soooo cute!

  7. Ha! I LOVE those leggings! And the earrings are beautiful too. Great blog!


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