Friday, January 15, 2010

For love...

I am a romantic. But I'm embarassed about it. I feel shy and awkward and it makes me want to light myself on fire. But it's so nice to be in love, isn't it?

I most certainly am in love with a marvelous man, and he says he loves me too! I am going to marry him one day, and when that happens I will then show him all these ramblings and things and I will EMBARASS HIM TO NO END. In the interim, I will post little notes and photos and things that make me love him even more, or remind me of him, or maybe pretty little things I might want to one day have in our home (for my sake).

He will not know of any of this and yet I will post things and photos of him ALL OVER YOU, internet! It's a secret thing I'm doing that will only be revealed to him at a special moment of my choosing, where I will get all up in his face and hit him with all this lovely crap in a blazing ball of glory! And he will love it, and he will cry in secret.

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